New feature: watermarking templates

April 10th 2022 by Piotrek

Over the last few months we've been gradualy releasing and testing a new feature: watermarking templates. Now it's live for all our customers.

Although even before that we've offered some customization options, this improvement brings it to the next level and opens up possibilities for more. Let's go through the changes.

New template management view

Replacing the previous simple configuration form, we're introducing a new screen where you can set up multiple separate configuration templates.

Apart from being more readable, this enables you to use different templates for different files. One example use case: setting up an English template for books in English and a French one for books in French. Another: position the watermark text in different places in different PDF files.

A watermarking template list with separate templates configured for English and French books

Improved visual template editor

We've put some more work into making the template editor even better than before. The personalization tags allow you to easily configure what customer data will be included in your watermarks and how it will be composed into a message that works for you. No coding experience needed, just select whatever tags you want, put some text in and you're done.

The visual template editor for EPUB and MOBI files

Master file configuration

You can now assign specific templates to specific master files. The assigned template will be used when watermarking this master file and - if nothing's assigned - we'll use the template marked as "default".

Assigning a custom template to one of the master files

New watermarking form

The watermarking form available in our web app received an update as well. Now, instead of displaying a generic input for "watermark value", we present you with inputs corresponding with the personalization tags you've got configured in your templates. The fields depend on templates configured for the master file you're attempting to watermark.

This way the form works exactly the same way as when we watermark orders from your store. You pass the customer data and we interpolate it into the template.

Manually watermarking a file by providing customer data


This update, apart from bringing some immediate changes to our service, also prepares a technical foundation for multiple future developments that we've got planned.

One such development will be introducing support for PDF permissions: you'll be able to enable the built-in PDF protections against printing, copying and so on.

Another: we're one step closer to going out of beta with watermarking audiobooks. That's quite exciting, so stay tuned!

Further in the future, we'll be able to finally allow you to configure watermark placement in your EPUB and MOBI files. Without having to go through us.

That's it. Hope you like it! And remember that you can always email us at, we'd love to hear what you think.