Delivery & Downloads configuration

May 12th 2022 by Piotrek

A minor LemonInk update was just released and it introduces some new configuration options.

From now on you'll be able to configure some settings on how the files are delivered to your customers. This includes:

  • Setting an expiry period: customers will only be able to download the files within the given period and not longer. This can also be changed individually for each of your files.
  • Limiting the number of downloads: access to a file will be restricted after a customer downloads it a given number of times.
  • Selecting the language in which the download page will be shown. This is the page that's visible when the file is not yet ready or is no longer available (e.g. expired or downloaded too many times).

All this was already possible for a long time but required you to go through us via email. Most of you probably didn't know it was possible… That's why we're currently working on bringing hidden features like this to the light of the sun.

Hopefully, you'll make good use of this.

Oh, just one more thing: email us if you'd like us to add a language that's not currently available.

And just to illustrate — an illustration:

The new Delivery & Downloads configuration screen