Choose the best way to prevent your files from being published on the web

Use LemonInk to apply a secure digital watermark to each file you sell or share to discourage purchasers from redistributing the files.

Full ebook reader compatibility

Unlike DRM, watermarking leaves the protected files in their original format. Users can open them on any device, be it a Kindle, an iPad or just a regular PC.

Effective protection

By injecting some visible changes like the user’s name or email into the files we dramatically lower the possibility that the users will risk publishing visibly signed with their name.


If you find a file you’ve sold somewhere on the internet, you can submit it to LemonInk to check who distributed it. Each file contains both visible and invisible changes that allow us to identify the user who received it from you.


Within each file we embed a series of redundant changes that are invisible and undetectable to virtually any user. Those changes will survive most format conversions, transfers between devices and even hand tampering like removal of the visible parts of our watermark.

Master file repository

Store your original files on our industry-standard secure servers and create watermarked versions within seconds avoiding long upload times.


Easily integrate your e-commerce with our API to automatically sell watermark-protected ebooks. We offer a simple RESTful API as well as ready client library implementations in some of the most popular programming languages.