Use LemonInk to watermark EPUB, MOBI and PDF ebooks that you sell online

If you plan on selling ebooks online, you probably want to make sure that they are well protected. LemonInk offers watermarking technology that lets you safely publish ebooks in any of the standard formats, be it EPUB, MOBI od PDF. We even watermark audiobooks in MP3 format.

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We focus on making LemonInk as easily integrable with any existing ecommerce website as possible. Pick your case and start watermarking!

How ebook watermarking works?

LemonInk is a cloud service used to secure digital books from piracy. It applies a digital watermark to each purchased ebook making it unique and traceable.

  • After each purchase LemonInk will create watermarked versions of your ebooks and attach them to user’s order allowing them to easily download their individual copies.
  • Each file is digitally marked both visibly (by adding the purchaser's email address to its content) and invisibly (by embedding a series of obfuscated markers into an ebook's code).
  • This technique discourages users from publishing the files on the internet and allows you to track down those who’ve published them nevertheless.

Everyday we watermark ebooks for these companies:

  • Lemonink is THE tool you need for watermarking your files: super-reliable, easy to setup, easy to use, with only essential settings and its price beats any competition. Oh, and that instant support, did I mention that?

  • LemonInk was recommended to us by our developer as a simple and reliable ebook watermarking system that integrates with WordPress. We decided to give it a go. It turned out to be a perfect solution for our publishing house — integration was quick and uneventful and the service was top notch. We can recommend LemonInk to all publishers who're looking for a simple, reliable and maintenance-free watermarking system. For Buk Rower it works perfectly.

  • Thanks to LemonInk our ebooks are safe! Professional service and swift help — all that in friendly climate.

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