Welcome, Flexlibris customers!

April 29th 2022 by Piotrek

Sometimes things just work out in a weirdly ideal way.

A few seemingly random coincidences ended up connecting me with Valérie Ferrière, Flexedo CEO at the exact moment her company decided to refocus on producing books and shut down their Flexlibris ebook watermarking service. I wanted to ask them to direct their customers to our service and she, queried if we could help her customers switch. A partnership happened before we even first talked!

Let us then catch up with reality and at least announce this thing properly. Here we go:

We're very happy to announce a partnership with our new friends at Flexedo. Together, we've prepared a special offering.

This is what you can expect from that if you're currently a Flexlibris customer:

  • You'll receive a one time 100 credit bonus.
  • We (LemonInk) will help you migrate your ecommerce integrations to our service.

To get the bonus, ask Flexedo to confirm you're currently their customer. They'll let us know, and we'll apply the bonus to your account without additional questions or conditions.

To get help with migration, fill in this short form that'll help us understand your case or just email us at hello+flexlibris@lemonink.co.

Already two former Flexlibris customers were able to migrate to LemonInk. The process in both cases took less than a month from first contact to watermarking real customer orders. We're quite confident that it can go this easily for everyone else: our API is quite powerful and pretty well documented, everything can be tested for free and we're very responsive, when you email us with questions or problems.

Hopefully, we'll be able to rise up to the standards set up by Flexlibris and serve their customers well.

For now, we're focused on helping current Flexlibris customers navigate the migration and make the process as seamless as possible. We're very open to talk even if you're not sure what to do yet. Email us (hello+flexlibris@lemonink.co), let us know what your situation is and we'll figure it out together.

By the way, do checkout Flexedo if you require book production or consultation services. They're experts in digital publishing technologies and help book industry players in their digital transformation, by offering services around:

  • prepress, digitization,
  • conversion and creation of accessible ebooks,
  • consulting and training

as well as advice ranging from good practices in managing book metadata to the implementation of a traditional and digital production chain.

Flexedo also develop web services and automata for book professionals and journals.